The history of Zimbralecrim

Zimbralecrim had its beginning from the will of three people and their interest for agriculture that was given to them by the generation of their parents and grandparents.


The market opportunity of products that are not yet well developed in our market was important to make of Zimbralecrim pioneer in the region. It is believed that the value in providing soil and extracting a product  indeed appreciated both nationally and internationally.


The company invests in a product that is widely cultivated for animal alimentation and some varieties for the festive seasons (pumpkin Christmas sweets), cultivating varieties with high potential for bread and pastry.


Zimbralecrim values are, first and foremost, the respect for nature and its surroundings, with a very limited use of fertilisers and pesticides, which are prejudicial to the soil and the environment itself.


We want quality products, keeping the maximum respect to the origins, and also show that in these diffult times it is still possible to row against the crisis, giving value to the land and the people that may work it.


Keeping the use of heavy machinery strictly limited, local workers have new opportunities, creating jobs and giving value to local people, allowing them to be part of the growing process of this company, increasing agricultural production in our region and expanding to other crops.


The Zimbralecrim has a team always available to clarify and meet your needs.

  • Name Pedro Mendes

    Function Administrator

    Contact +351 967 021 890

  • Name Pedro Tito do Mar

    Function Administrator

    Contact +351 968 151 063

  • Name Eduardo Leal

    Function Administrator

    Contact +351 963 015 611


Trav. Outeiro dos Cepos, nº 44
2425-618 Monte Redondo
Leiria, Portugal

T. +351 244 689 050
F. +351 244 689 059



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